Barry Raccio Biography
The first thing most people notice about Barry is his boundless enthusiasm for the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Each class Barry teaches is a creative combination of uplifting music, simple movement (kriyas), sacred sound (mantras) and deep meditation. These elements combine to help his students break through perceived limitations and gain awareness of their true, unlimited, divine nature. He has a friendly, gentle manner and welcomes students of all levels to his classes.

For those who don’t know (and that number is growing smaller by the day, as the practice is rapidly becoming one of the most loved and popular in the West and around the world), the techniques of Kundalini yoga were once a heavily guarded secret. It took a visionary teacher, Yogi Bhajan to break the tradition of secrecy and become the first to publicly teach Kundalini Yoga in the West.

Barry discovered Kundalini Yoga for the first time in the mid 90’s in West Hollywood, Ca, and that first class turned out to be a revelation. “The positive effects were immediate,” Barry recalls. “The practice engaged all my senses. It was pure radiance -- like finding a treasure chest in your house you didn’t know was there. It always existed; the difference was, now I could clearly see the unique gifts it contained. Kundalini yoga gave me an awareness of those gifts and illuminated my path to helping others do the same.”

With his initial experience leading the way, Barry began to learn all he could about the deeply spiritual, sacred practice, studying with renowned teachers Yogi Bhajan, Gurbukh Khalsa, Shiva Rea and Bryan Kest. It wasn’t long before Barry realized his desire to share the healing benefits of Kundalini yoga with others, ultimately becoming a KRI certified instructor.

This year, Barry introduced another magnificent layer of relaxation to his classes with the addition of sound healing via a 32” Paiste Symphonic Gong. The gong is a powerful therapeutic instrument, having been used in prayer, meditation and ritual for centuries. Barry plays the gong with precision and passion, eliciting a full spectrum of beneficial frequencies. During a gong meditation, waves of sound flow over students as they recline. The tones resonate throughout the body, balancing brainwaves (alpha and theta) and bringing about a feeling of deep relaxation and calm.

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