Barry Raccio is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and is available for private,
semi-private and group
yoga instruction. He has been sharing Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Healing for more than 15 years.
Barry's classes are infused with experience, wisdom, and compassion.
Contact Barry at 1.203.871.8346 or via email at to book
or for information on package discounts.
Barry Raccio Classes


Group Kundalini Yoga with Gong Sound Bath Meditation
Happiness and relaxation share a special synergy, flowing one to the other in dance of pure energy and peace. The often hectic pace of life can cause us to feel disconnected from this natural state of relaxation, giving rise to feelings of disquiet and unease.
In addition to a grounding Kundalini Yoga practice, this practice incorporates the potent vibrational tones of a 32" Paiste Symphonic Gong. Waves of healing sound swiftly remove tension from your body while balancing the hemispheres of your brain. You will feel refreshed, relaxed and at one with yourself and the world.
If you have any questions about Individual or Group Yoga & Meditation, let's connect!

Barry Raccio Classes


Elevating Radiance
Your key to unlocking blocks & uplifting energy through a Kundalini practice for the body, mind & soul. 60 minutes.
Individual: $120 & $20 per additional person. Deposit required for groups of 3 or more.
Flow & Glow Vinyasa
Beginner to Advanced. A great breath-centered exercise to bring strength and flexibility to your life. 60 minutes.
Individual: $120 & $20 per additional person. Deposit required for groups of 3 or more.
Luminous Activation
Multi-Instrument Gong Based Soundbath. 60 minutes. From awakened elevation to descent into bliss, a next level sound healing experience in your own home or location of choice. Mats, eye pillows and yoga blocks available upon request.
1 to 10 people: $300 | $20/person each person over 10. Additional cost for travel depending on location.
Barry Raccio Classes


Yoga at corporate events and retreats is an effective way to help participants clear their minds, de-stress, focus and keep energy levels high. Participants have reported improved mood, concentration and overall feelings of wellness. Experiences are customized for your group and can be attended by anyone, regardless of fitness level. One time or recurring experiences customized for large groups or small. Call 1.203.871.8346 for rates and availability.
Barry Raccio Classes


Add a unique, mindful yoga, meditation & sound bath experience to your vacation! Take time to experience the joy of reconnection with your divine self. Customized for small or large groups. Call 1.203.871.8346 for rates and availability.


Enhance your offering by adding any of the following healing modalities, customized for your private practice or group event.


The crystal pyramid is one of the more potent tools in sound therapy. The pyramid shape enhances vibrational frequencies and the crystal delivers healing energy. A single tap and one immediately feels its power.


A mantra is a sacred word or phrase spoken to aid in meditation and manifestation. The practice of mantra relieves stress through the regulation of one's heart rate and chaneling the chatter of the "monkey mind". Often given on a monthly basis, a mantra can unlock potentials and free energy blockages.


This peaceful practice guides you to a state of relaxed concentration, mindfully observing your breath and body while staying focused on the present. Beginners and those experienced in meditation find insight on many different levels.


This form of counsel is based on the belief that one's spirit is connected to the mind, body and emotions. Aligning the spirit often benefits the mind and other somatic related issues. Yogic meditations and mantras are customized to set intentions to work through issues and grow into your higher potential.


Often overlooked, regular and gentle stretching improves movement, balances mind/body, and can help heal and prevent lower back pain. Stretching maintains flexibility and promotes physical fitness for all ages.