I bought a zoo. Kidding. I bought a GONG.

"It is sound and sound only, which is the creative power of the supreme consciousness. " -- Yogi Bhajan
The idea of healing with sound isn't new; like many ancient practices it's taken we modern humans a bit of time to catch on to its benefits. Geneticists have decoded the musical expression of our DNA; NASA meanwhile, recorded the sounds of planets and even a comet (European Space Agency Rosetta Probe, 2014). Little surprise that our bodies produce a positive response to therapeutic sound.
Science defines Theta waves as those that fall between 4-7Hz and occur during (REM) sleep and also in deep meditation. The sound(s) produced by a gong most often elicits Theta waves in the brain. This brings you to a state of consciousness that is almost dreamlike as the sound waves in both hemispheres of your brain sync together (called brain-wave entrainment) -- leading to improved focus, elevated endorphin levels, greater immune and glandular function and less stress.
The more I studied and experienced the power of this unique healing modality, the more I realized I wanted to incorporate sound healing into both my personal practice and in guided meditations with my students. The energy of our planet is in flux as we transition from the old to the new and these energetic shifts impact us daily. Sound healing is another powerful method available to us to bring us back to our divine center.
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Three Mantras You Should Never Say

"Three mantras you should never say: "I don't know." "I'm not ready." "I can't do that." -- Yogi Bhajan

I came across this quote the other day, and even though I've read it many times the meaning still resonates. Every thought, every word is a message to your higher self. One of the gifts of Kundalini yoga (and there are many!) is that it teaches you to communicate with your creator-self. This creation is a powerful partnership -- and like any good partner, your higher self only wants to help you create and live your best life.
Take a moment to think about this. What would your "best life" look like? Think about it and see it clearly in your mind. Don't worry if it's not a fully-formed picture, just a basic idea will do for now. Now consider what you think might be stopping you from experiencing this life. While each person will have different reasons and circumstances, there are three primary things that impact our ability to attain the life of our dreams: "I don't know", "I'm not ready", and "I can't do that!".
It's important to understand how each of these messages is received and translated by your higher self. Remember, your higher self wants to help you create a life of purpose, passion and joy. Even if you don't see the full picture right now you probably have a good idea of what that life is. How do you know? Your higher self gives you clues all the time! When you experience something that fully engages you, that gets your heart racing and fills you with excitement; something that gives you all the feels and you literally can't stop talking about or thinking about -- that's the direction you want to go in. Maybe it's "only a dream" -- the craziest, nuttiest dream anyone has ever had. So what's stopping you? The same thing that stops many of us.
I don't know how I will ever... I'm not ready to ... I can't do that because ...
These are more than words, they are messages. It's important to understand this. Your higher self stands ready to open the doors of abundance. When you recite one or all of these "mantras", you're actively telling your higher self, "No, I don't really want to live a magnificent life. I'll just keep doing this thing I'm doing now while dreaming of something different."
The technology of Kundalini yoga is designed to help you release self doubt ("I don't know"), hesitation borne of fear ("I'm not ready"), and the biggest stop sign of all, "I can't!". It's time to flip the script: "I do know (what you want); I am ready (to live a life of purpose and passion); and "I can (do whatever you dream)!
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