Barry Raccio Classes
Barry Raccio offers private and public yoga instruction in a variety of traditions, including
Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Beginning, Restorative, Meditation and more in Palm Springs and Los Angeles.
Public Yoga Classes

Urban Yoga 760-320-7702
458 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262
Wake Up Yoga: Breathe and stretch at Urban Yoga
8:00am Tuesdays and Fridays

Peace Love Yoga Palm Springs
(760) 600-0328
1572 S Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs Ca 92262
Kundalini Yoga Workshops: Soul-strengthening yoga for beginners and beyond at Peace Love Yoga Palm Springs
Days and times vary; visit Peace Love Yoga Palm Springs website for details!

Kundalini Yoga

If you haven't tried a Kundalini Yoga class with Barry before, get ready for a surprising experience. Barry's teachings stem from the original ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by it's founder, Yogi Bhajan. Barry studied closely with Yogi Bhajan and his classes are infused with the great teacher's wisdom, compassion and humor. Each class is unique and intuitive, as Barry develops a creative fusion of positive readings, uplifting music and challenging movements.A Kundalini class with Barry Raccio includes kirya (yoga postures); prana (breathwork); mudra (gestures or movements which gather and direct the flow of energy in your body); and meditation (silent or guided). If the class has a theme -- for example, applying the principals of Kundalini Yoga for greater emotional stability in a challenging world -- each element of the class will support that theme.

Are all of Barry's Kundalini classes structured? Not at all! There's always room for spontaneity, because your needs and the needs of your fellow students change from moment to moment. The theme and style will always vary, but the focus remains the same: To help you discover a new sense of yourself, to create a new definition of who you are; and to show you how to tap into your inner strengths to create and live your truth!

A period of serene meditation may be offered at the beginning of class or immediately following asana practice. In Kundalini Yoga, this time of reflection is enhanced by a precise set of tools that help you use the power of your own breath to gradually and completely relax your entire body. Once this state of relaxation begins, you'll be shown how to shut out the noise of life and quiet your mind. Once the mind is calm, you can then use breath, mantra (sacred sound) and mudra to further attune your meditative state. This combination often results in a powerful experience of heightened focus and awareness, so it's important that you have an experienced Kundalini teacher at your side to help you understand the powerful feelings that may arise.
Individual (Private) Classes

So you've decided to start a regular yoga practice. That's great! You're taking the first step to improving your health, calming your mind and enriching your life. You splurged on a fancy yoga mat, and you know you're ready. There's just a few things holding you back from taking that all-important first step onto your mat:I'm not very strong or flexible.

Many first-time students wonder if they will be strong enough to practice yoga. First, you're strong enough! Kundalini Yoga was developed to be accessible to EVERYONE, regardless of age or level of fitness. As far as flexibility goes, touching your toes is NOT a requirement! Your first class will be very gentle to give you time to learn the postures and practice correct yogic breathing. Your flexibility and stamina will increase as you progress.

I don't want to bend into a pretzel.
Ah, the old "pretzel" concern. We've all seen those fabulous Instagram pics of advanced yogis and yoginis contorted into awe-inspiring postures. What you need to keep in mind, especially if you've never practiced yoga before, is that the people in those images have been practicing yoga a long, long time. Those complicated postures are A D V A N C E D, and really shouldn't be attempted by your average yogi and definitely not by a beginner. This doesn't mean that advanced postures are out of reach. In my career, I've had many students who were preternaturally flexible (I call them "bendies"); for them, folding into a complicated position was nearly effortless. What's important to understand is that it isn't about how the pose looks; it's about how you FEEL when you do it.

What if I make a mistake?
Mistakes are part of the process; it's how we learn and grow, in yoga and in life. The good thing is, you aren't alone. I'll be working right along beside you, observing and helping you learn how to adjust each posture to make it accessible for your body.

I'm not comfortable with the "spiritual stuff".
That's okay; I love you anyway. Here's why it's really okay: Kundalini Yoga as a physical practice has many benefits. In addition to strengthening your muscular and cardio-vascular systems, it works internally on your heart, kidneys, intestines, etc. Each sequence of postures (we call them "kiryas") are designed to effect different areas of your body. Depending on how you feel, we can change that sequence to address whatever physical or emotional challenge you might want to tackle that day. In my own practice, I recite a mantra (a sacred word or sound) before my practice and again at the end, just before I meditate. That's what works for me. What works for your practice might be completely different, and that's completely, one-hundred-percent okay. If at some point you decide you'd like to learn mantras, chants, the Vedas (Hindu scriptures) or any of the more esoteric aspects of yoga, just ask and I'll do my best to help.

If you're ready to start your practice, or if you have any questions about a private or group yoga session, let's connect.